Duttapulia Village In Nadia - Duttapulia Bazar, Nadia (Ranaghat II), West Bengal


Duttapulia village is located under Dhantala police station of Nadia district. Duttapulia pin code is 741504. Located with an area of ​​371.92 hectares (3.71 square km). Its latitude and longitude are 23°14′24″N, 88°42′21″E. Duttapulia is bordered by Kalupur village to the east, Kanibmani to the north, Barabaria to the west and Sarahati village to the south.

Importance Of Duttapulia

Duttapulia is important in many ways. For example –

Duttapulia Union Academy (HS) School

Duttapulia Union Academy School was established in 1949. It is located in Dhantala block of Nadia district in West Bengal. Here, classes from fifth to twelfth are taught through Bengali medium. The total number of teachers in the school is 50. The total number of classrooms in Trital is 32 and the number of students is around 1600.
The school is surrounded by walls. There are two teacher rooms. There is a library with 2000+ books. Phone Number - 03371482923. Email - duttapuliaunionacademy@gmail.com

Duttapulia Union Academy for Girls

Duttapulia Union Academy for Girls (H.S) was established in the year 1974. Class V to XII is taught here in Bengali medium. It is located in Dhantala block of Nadia district in West Bengal. The total number of teachers in the school is around 55. There are 15 total classrooms spread over three floors and the number of students is around 1500. The school code is 19101405503.

Duttapulia Primary Health Center (Duttapulia Hospital)

Duttapulia Primary Health Center was established in __. At present the health center has 7 rooms and 12 beds.

Duttapulia Hospital

Duttafulia Panchayat Office

This panchayat is formed with Duttapulia and some other villages. The villages are -

History Of Duttapulia

Once upon a time there lived a man named Apurba Moni Dutta in this region. He was rich as well as powerful. Everyone knew him as Dutta Babu. Dutta Babu was a very philanthropic person. If someone is in danger, Dutta Babu or his people lend a helping hand. Dattababu's name, Yash, fame spread in the area. Thus the entire area came to be known as Duttapulia after Dutta Babu's name.

The focal point of Duttapulia village is 'Duttapulia Bazar'. The village is spread over an area of ​​3.71 sq km.

* One of the reasons for the popularity of the name Duttapulia is that it is a village on the border of Nadia and North 24 Parganas districts. Ichamati River flows by the side of Duttapulia.

Population of Duttapulia

Most of the people of the village are involved in various businesses or trades. Also jobbers no less. According to the 2011 Cencus, the total population is 13562, of which 7010 are males and 6552 are females.


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