Cafe Ekante - Menu, Price, Location, Environment

Cafe Ekante

Cafe Ekante in Duttapulia is the only address to get free from the busy/tiring life of the day.

You can visit this Ekante Cafe alone or with your loved ones during the day or weekend.

Cafe Ekante

Cafe Ekante Menu With Price

Serial Number Items Price
1 Crispy Chilli Chicken 100
2 Drums Of Heaven (4 Pcs) 120
3 Manchaw Soup (Chicken) 60
4 Langfang Soup (Chicken) 60
5 Chicken/Mutton Biriyani 100/130
6 Vada Pav 25
7 Chicken Shezwan Rice 120
8 Chilli Garlic Rice (Chicken) 120
9 Chicken Manchurian 80
10 Chilli Paneer 100
11 Chicken Steam Momo (6 Pcs) 50
12 Chicken Panfried Momo (6 Pcs) 70
13 Chicken Hakka Noodles 100

How To Reach Cafe Ekante?

You can reach Cafe Ekante location by the following steps below.

  • Cafe Ekante can be found through GPS. - Details
  • From Duttapulia bus stand towards Swasan road. The cafe is located within 150 meters from the main road.

Details About Cafe Ekante Environment

Surrounded by greenery, bamboo fence and kadam tree shadows are quite lovely environment refreshes the mind.


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