Duttapulia Hospital - Facilities, Location, FAQs

Duttapulia Hospital

Duttapulia Hospital is located under Duttapulia Gram Panchayat of Nadia District. All villagers belonging to Duttapulia Gram Panchayat are served through this hospital. The hospital is open daily.

Duttapulia Hospital

Duttapulia Hospital - Facilities

  • 24X7 service available.
  • Emergency department is present.
  • Ambulance service present.
  • Laboratory present.
  • Blood test center available.
  • Drinking water facilities present.
  • D.O.T.S Center present.
  • There is an O.P.D available.
  • Male ward available.
  • Female ward available.
  • Labor room present.
  • Maternity ward present.
  • Dispensary available.
  • Also office room present.
  • Stuff Quarter.
  • Sub center present.

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Duttapulia Hospital: Map

Duttapulia Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - How many beds are available in duttapulia hospital?

Answer - There are around 12 bed available in duttapulia hospital.

Question - Does its ambulance facility available?

Answer - Yes, its ambulance facility available.

Question - Does its blood test center present?

Answer - Yes, blood test center available.


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